It’s the best time you’ll ever have under canvas! The sides are usually open to the elements in the day for a relaxed vibe at the heart of the festival. In the evening, the darkening sky adds to the venue’s atmosphere. You’ll see great bands giving their all, be part of a friendly crowd and get a chance to really let your hair down.


All sorts of events make the Threshing Barn a must-visit. From chilled out acoustica to late night full on VJs and psychedelia. Ever wanted to have a go at playing drums? The drum workshop is here. You can also see bands play to movies. And there’s a silent disco. The barn houses wonderful artefacts and has great lighting. It all happens between 1pm and 3am. 

The Threshing Barn is entirely original, except for its doors. Those at the front have been shortened, and the rear doors have been replaced with an alcove. Mavericks have always felt at home here – in the 18th century the barn was used as a place to preach to the local farm workers by John Wesley, the founder of Methodism.


The barn is an ancient farm building – historic and atmospheric – and has another stage for yet more great live music. 


The kids’ll be hanging out here in the day from midday till 5pm – for arts, crafts, circus skills, games and lots of noise.

After midnight it becomes an intimate music venue with wonderful duos and solo artists for you to hear.


Don’t be surprised if you pop to the bar for a real ale and get caught up in an impromptu jam session. Off The Tracks always seems to inspire exciting, improvised music.


John Shaw was a great friend of Off The Tracks, acting as master of ceremonies for over 20 years. He was a popular music and sports broadcaster for Radio Nottingham, Radio Leicester and Trent FM. He was passionate and knowledgeable about both. He sadly died on November 25, 2013 aged just 56.