31 August, 1 and 2 September 2018

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Opening Times
alarmOur campsite officially opens at 10am on the Friday.

Please arrive before 10pm on any night or the Welcome Caravan will be closed and the security barrier on lock-down.

We have loads of room in the car park so don’t park anywhere else. Disabled parking is extra-close.

Camping Areas
Choose which suits you best…

General camping – Anybody at all welcome here.

Quiet camping – Keep the noise down and you and your neighbours will get on just fine.

Disabled camping – Close to the action and the facilities.

Respect thy neighbour
hand upWe know that when the main entertainment finishes, it’s all too common for people to return to their tents and create their own entertainment, often at the same time disturbing other people who are trying to sleep.

We’re not party-poopers so to combat this, we’ll keep the main venue area running as late as possible so that those who want to sleep can do so in peace, and dedicated party animals can continue to socialise in the main courtyard and bars.

Please keep the whole campsite quiet and family-friendly with no amplified music. All noise will be asked to be kept to a minimum after midnight, respecting everyone’s right to a good night’s sleep. After all, we want to enjoy the next day too, don’t we.

The campsite is aimed at those people who like to SLEEP when they return to their tent. Please be nice to your fellow festival-goers and respect this.thumbsup

Also remember that wherever you are camped, it is unreasonable to expect absolute silence all night. It is a music festival after all.

Showers & Toilets
Showers are operated by token, available from the Welcome Caravan?? or hotel reception. Because of our location, high demand means the water tank for the showers can run low. For that reason, we will need to close the showers from 2-4pm daily to allow the tank to refill. Please look out for information on site. If you notice any problem with the showers or toilets, please report it to one of our stewards or the venue staff.

First Aid
Our First Aid point is clearly signposted near the bottom of the site. Ask a steward if in doubt.

Elf and safety (boring but necessary stuff)
Open fires, candles, Chinese lanterns and disposable barbecues are not allowed.stop

Gas or charcoal barbecues are fine.

Don’t use or change gas canisters in your tent or caravan.

It’s a busy site with loads of people and equipment. Some areas could pose a trip hazard. Please take care and use designated paths. Wear sensible shoes and report any hazards to the site stewards.

Don’t leave valuables in your tent. We have security, but be sensible. If you find someone else’s stuff, or if you see anything or anyone that seems suspicious don’t keep it to yourself, please tell one of our stewards or security staff straight away. We can’t accept responsibility for any losses you might experience.


The area around the campsite is working farmland or a caravan park for the rest of the year, so please respect it. 


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